There Are No Do-Overs In Weddings!

According to Forbes The 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2016 event coordinators for which wedding planners are included is the 5th most stressful job in America.  Event planning being on this list does not surprise me although personally, I’m not comfortable having the stress of planning a wedding on the same list as active military, police, and firefighters.  My job has its stress and even some dangers but as a rule, there is no live weapons fire or actual fire if I’m doing my job correctly and if there ever is any I’m calling numbers 2 or 4 on the list to help me out.

For me, the stress of my job weighs most heavily round the being no do-overs in weddings.  If we don’t get it right, there is no going back, we don’t have the luxury of saying “Oh well, we will do better next time” regrettably for that day’s client there is no next time.

My friends and family tell me I put too much pressure on myself, that there is no such thing as perfect.  They are right there is no such thing as a universal perfect but for each of my client’s there is a perfect for them, it’s my job to make sure they get it.  I take that responsibility very seriously.

Pressure makes diamonds if applied correctly it also makes fabulous weddings.  I’m not one of those people who yells, rants or threatens.  I will cajole, barter and even horse-trade if needed.  For the most part, I simply ask precisely for what I need.  Precisely is the operative word because unless you are crystal clear with people about what is required from them and about what you can and will do for them no amount of pressure will get you what you want.

If that doesn’t work then, I find out what is in the way of getting what I needed then finding a way around it, over it, under it or on rare occasions through it.  In other words, if it matters I don’t take no for an answer, and that is very stressful.

It is stressful to look into the beautiful faces of couples knowing they are counting on you to make their dream wedding a reality, at a price they can afford, in the time available.   No matter what obstacles stand in the way you have to deliver no excuses no second chances.  You get it right the first time, or you fail.

Carrying the weight of other people’s dreams and expectations is difficult, but if you are built to serve you will use the stress to motivate you to get the job done.  I appreciate others recognizing my work is stressful, I’m honored to have my job noticed as needing strength to do.

For me the joy far outweighs the stress, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the stresses oh, I do every day.  If the day ever comes when I feel the stress more than the joy that is the day it’s time to move on but in 30 years I haven’t had even one of those days, if I’m lucky I never will.



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