When love gives you a reason to celebrate, this is Where to Start.

Planning your special day is more than following a formula of checklists and phone calls. Our creative process involves uncovering your dreams, learning your story, and developing a celebration unique to you as a couple.

We do more than just plan fantastic weddings. We share the story of your love.


Lost in the details? Not sure where to begin? Our coaching services give you the expert advice you need to start the journey… and create your dream celebration on your own. Your private coaching session is your opportunity to find answers to your questions and learn how to take your wedding dreams and turn them into your special day.

This is Where to Start.

Where to Start Wedding Planner California


You’ve done all the planning. The vendors are in place, the details are set, and it’s time for your big day. Leave worry behind and enjoy…we’ve got this. Our experienced team will handle every detail of your celebration – from coordination to clean up – so you can relax and enjoy. We’ll even double check your preparation and take care of any small details you’ve missed.

Enjoy every smile, toast, and beautiful memory as you celebrate your love. We’ll do the rest.

This is Where to Start.


Wondering how you’ll juggle planning a dream wedding with everything else in your life? Share your vision with our experienced team and let us take care of the details. We’ll guide you through the process, coordinating details and helping you with each decision. We will be with you every step of the way.

On your big day you can just relax. Our team will manage every beautiful detail so you can enjoy your guests and your celebration. Trust us to discover your dreams and bring them to live while you prepare to live happily ever after.

This is Where to Start.

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