Lindsay’s parent’s horse stables and the adjacent farm were to be the backdrop for Lindsay and Matt’s wedding. The challenge of turning stables and farm into the setting of lavish event was daunting and required a lot of planning and thought.  We set out to create a beautiful environment of sound, light, and color to reflect the love, hope and joy of the happy couple.

In the year prior to the event, everything from plumbing, electrical, landscaping, construction and parking logistics needed to be addressed. Everything was done with an eye towards how it could be repurposed to support the family’s business ventures following the wedding.

When the big day finally arrived, guests were welcomed by valet parking and offered refreshing pink lemonade. The ceremony was held on a platform under a beautiful flowered arbor constructed specifically for the ceremony. Lindsay walked down an aisle lined with beautiful pink rose petals, while a close friend provided beautiful guitar music.

After the ceremony, guests were escorted to the pool area for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. When dinner was ready to be served, the servers surrounded the beautiful redwood and canvas tent and in a perfectly choreographed performance, rolled up the sides of the tent revealing a sea of pink and green décor setting the stage for dinner and dancing.

Pink roses and green apples were used in the centerpieces. After the wedding, the green apples were a treat for the stable horse for being good sports during the wedding. 

Both Lindsay and Matt had special requests for the reception – Matt wanted a “midnight snack” of In & Out Burgers with fries; and Lindsay requested a candy buffet of only pink candies. Both requests required some creative thinking and efforts but were accomplished to the delight of the couple.

Blood, sweat and especially tears of joy made this wedding in Lindsay’s words, “Every hope and dream we had came true. You managed to take our dreams to a whole new level.”

Photographer: Heather M. Whiting Photographer,