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Relaxed couples. Dream weddings. Beautiful memories. This is where it started…

Once upon a time in the beautiful city by the bay, a little girl was born to plan things. She planned tea parties in the sand box and dances at school. All the while, she dreamed of helping people make beautiful memories.

I am that little girl. My name is Gwen Semenero Helbush and this is my story.

I’ve been involved in planning celebrations for as long as I can remember. My parent’s house was the gathering place for friends and family and preparing for celebrations was a huge part of my childhood. Growing up, I planned various school functions and later my career took me into corporate events planning.

When it came time to plan my wedding, however, I quickly realized just how difficult and stressful the experience can be. I decided to transform my experience into a way to serve others. I began researching wedding planning, reading everything I could get my hands on. I took classes and volunteered to assist established wedding planners.

I launched Where to Start in 1991. My corporate world experience taught me the management skills I needed to work with multiple vendors and get the best for my clients. My broadcasting and theater studies in college help frame how I see weddings and play an important role in my work.

I love getting to know my clients. Your story is so important to me, and I’m interested in learning what makes you happy… and what you love about life and about each other. As you share your dreams and unique story with me, I gather the knowledge I need to create the wedding celebration you’ve always wanted.

My story is simple. Girl meets engaged couples. Girl makes couples’ dream wedding a reality. And everyone lives happily ever after.

Thank you for the privilege of helping you to create your dream wedding.

Gwen Semenero Helbush, CWC

Gwen has managed Where to Start with one basic principle: “Give the client what they want—no matter what.”


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